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welcome to the latest edition of the Schnick-Schnack-Systems newsletter. As usual, we are pleased to bring you up to date on product innovations, recent events and new developments.

For you this month:
(1) Minimal Effort — Maximum Effect: The set design for the show „Zur Sache Extra – Nationalpark Schwarzwald“ on SWR
(2) Tradeshow at a Glance: Schnick-Schnack-Systems at prolight + sound 2014
(3) New Product: The C-Dot — RGB, video-controlled, freely arranged
(4) In a New Design: Our product sheets for the C, M and L Series are online
(5) How to Use LED Systems: Workshop dates for 2014
(6) New Feature: Web server in the System Power Supply 4E
(7) Luminale 2014: A schoolyard with LED light boxes
(8) Deutschland sucht den Superstar (Pop Idol): New set design for the new season

The team at Schnick-Schnack-Systems hope you enjoy finding out more about our latest news.


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Minimal Effort — Maximum Effect
The set design for the show "Zur Sache Extra — Nationalpark Schwarzwald" on SWR

Recording in a TV studio is a challenge in itself. Everything must run smoothly — for the perfect performance, for the perfect broadcast. However, image and sound aren’t the only things that have to shift with in seconds and correspond as well. What’s important above all is the aura of the set. The studio must come alive, flow, radiate. The scene of action should be interesting, modern and richly illuminated. However, it should not by any means distract from the host or the guest and, ideally, it should be quick and uncomplicated to set up. And this is exactly where the challenge lies. Thanks to an LED horizon equipped with LED products from Schnick-Schnack-Systems, the SWR (Southwest German Radio) broadcaster was able to tackle this challenge with ease, as can be seen on the show "Zur Sache Extra — Nationalpark Schwarzwald".

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Tradeshow at a Glance
Schnick-Schnack-Systems at the prolight + sound 2014
Stand at prolight + sound  
The prolight + sound 2014 exceeded all optimistic expectations and impressed industry experts from all over the world. And Schnick-Schnack-Systems’ stand was a favorite meeting point for regular and potential customers alike. In addition to our well-known products, Schnick-Schnack-Systems highlights included the Generation 3, the Outdoor Profile C50 and the C-Dot — leading to many fascinating conversations during the four-day event in Frankfurt.

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New Product
The C-Dot-RGB, video controlled, single dots freely arranged
Our C-Dots open up new and more creative design possibilities for you. Since the Dots are not bound to a fixed grid, it’s possible to create all kinds of different forms and structures — whether it’s circles, animated contours of a company logo, curved lines or freely formed displays — your creativity has no limits.

Each Dot is individually color-fabricated so more precise shades of white and pastels can be achieved. And thanks to our Smart Link technology, the time consuming addressing of the individual dots is no longer necessary.

>> Read more about the C-Dot

>> Example of Use: Video — C-Dot in connection with acrylic dots

How to Use LED Systems Properly
Workshop dates for 2014
“How to use LED systems properly” is the motto for this year’s workshops hosted by Schnick-Schnack-Systems.

The focus of the workshops will be on understanding LED systems, controlling the LEDs with video signals and on how to work with the Generation 3 features.

 Dates and Locations:
• Berlin: 07 May
• Munich: 25 June
• Freiburg im Breisgau: 05 November
• Cologne: 03 December

If you are interested in participating in one of the workshops, please register here. The cost for the workshop is €50.00.
New Design
The product sheets for the C, M and L Series are online with a new layout.
Clear, concise and an easy-to-read design — our product sheets contain all important information regarding the mechanical, optical and electrical data for our LED Series. They also contain explanations on controlling and power supply as well as many different cabling examples. In the next few weeks, the rest of our product sheets will be made available for download on our website.

>> Datasheet LED-Tile L33

>> Datasheet LED-Strip L12

>> Datasheet LED-Strip L25

>> Datasheet LED-Strip C25

>> Datasheet LED-Strip C100

>> Datasheet C-Dot

complete guide
More news
from Schnick-Schnack-Systems
Web Server System Power Supply 4E
In connection with the Generation 3
updates, the System Power Supply 4E
got a new, very helpful feature — its
own web server.

All network settings can now be made
comfortably at your computer via the
web interface. What’s more, it
delivers countless additional
information about the system and the
connected products. For example, it
can provide an overview of the entire
network with all power supplies. With
the menu, you can navigate from
power supply to power supply. The
filter function blends out information
that is not needed which means the
web interface is remains clear.
Luminale 2014 – Project "Lichtklang"
The project Lichtklang, or LightSound,
was launched at this year’s Luminale
Light Festival in Frankfurt that was on
from 30 March to 4 April 2014.
Commissioned by VOSS&FISCHER,
60 LED light boxes were set up in
different areas on the school grounds
of the Helmholzschule on Frankfurt’ s
east side.

The installation’s color and light
changes responded to the sound and
rhythms from songs. The melodies
became visible and the sound of the
instruments was captured within the

>> Find out more
Deutschland sucht den Superstar
On Saturday March 29, the top 12
candidates from “Deutschland sucht
den Superstar” (Pop Idol) kicked off
the show’s Live Challenges. This year’s
set is once again designed with LED-
Strips from Schnick-Schnack-Systems
and more than 600 additional new
strips have been installed in this
season’s set design.

>> Watch the video

>> Read more about the project

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