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Dear customers and friends,

In order to keep you informed about us, we have brought a newsletter to life in which we present selected projects. The first project is the Craniomosaic of the company OSSDSIGN.

An Innovative Customer: OSSDSIGN - better bone repair
OSSDSIGN is the result of the merger between clinical understanding and a vision about innovative implant design as well as know-how in the development and processing of calcium phosphate materials.

The first product the company developed is the Craniomosaic. It is a patient-specific implant intended for use in permanent cranial reconstruction. Craniomosaic is made of calcium phosphate bioceramic tiles, interconnected by a thin titanium mesh.

1. Starting Point
MEDICALBOARD was contacted by OSSDSIGN in a very early project phase. The clinical problem was recognized and the first design solutions had been worked out. The possibility to answer essential questions for the successful development of a start-up seemed a thrilling and interesting challenge. Furthermore we were impressed by the innovative capacity of the team.

We accompanied OSSDSIGN for 3 years in the course of which new assignments arouse.

2. Market and Competitor Analysis
Gain a qualitative market overview of the indications as well as the competitive situation and make a quantitative estimate.
The clinical problem was recognized by OSSDSIGN. Nevertheless the clinical evidence had to be evaluated and the decisive question about the market potential had to be answered. Therefore MEDICALBOARD performed a well founded market and competitor analysis for the USA and Europe.
3. Interviews with Surgeons
Gain a better understanding of the clinical indications and the challenges of currently used solutions.
Sketch the clinical positioning for the Craniomosaic.
MEDICALBOARD compiled a questionnaire with five topics. The interviews were conducted on an European level with selected surgeons. We are convinced that we could gain non biased and objective data by conducting personal interviews as an independent third party.
4. List of Criteria and Country Focus
Based on various analysis MEDICALBOARD identified the following four key success factors for the product:
The first two key success factors were addressed very early. A country level market entry strategy for the European market was developed whilst focusing on reimbursement and pricing. Based on different, weighted criteria a prioritization for the launch was made. A comprehensive value proposition was formulated enabling a clear communication and positioning for all markets.
5. Status Quo
OSSDSIGN launches Craniomosaic in the most important European markets. We are eager to hear about their next innovation, which will follow soon for sure!
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Karina Candrian, Ulrike Neuberger, Nila-Pia Rähle

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MEDICALBOARD was founded in 2011 by Karina Candrian and Ulrike Neuberger. Both have been working in different areas of the medical devices industry for over 10 years. Nila-Pia Rähle joined MEDICALBOARD in 2013. With her broad experience in the biotechnology and life sciences industry she is a perfect addition to the team.

All members of the team have extensive experience in business development, marketing, sales and project management.

The team has grown and the idea to offer the customers consulting and project management services with focus on strategy & business development, marketing & sales development has proven its worth.

MEDICALBOARD supports start-ups as well as SMUs and global enterprises.

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