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Schnick-Schnack-Systems once again unveiled exciting new products in April at this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt where everything revolved around event technology for Prolight+Sound. So that’s why we have decided to dedicate this newsletter to our latest innovations.

(1) The Custom Outdoor Profile System (COPS): The customizable profile system for outdoors
(2) The Interactive Pixel-Router: Display video on LEDs with 1,000 fps
(3) The DMX Pixel-Router: Effective immediately, you can now control LEDs from third party suppliers
(4) The L6 Strips and L20 Tiles: the L product series is now even more versatile

We hope you enjoy reading all about our trade show news and discovering our new products!


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Custom Outdoor Profile System (COPS)
The customizable Profile System for outdoors – RGB, video controlled, IP67

Facades equipped with media technology are an important growth market in our age of modern communication. No two outdoor projects are alike. That’s why Schnick-Schnack-Systems has strategically positioned itself as the only company to offer electrical and mechanical design, its own product line as well as CNC consulting under one roof.

This is how we are able to respond quickly to individual customer demands and with the COPS are able to offer an Outdoor Profile System that is not only cutting edge LED technology but is also incredibly versatile.

Basic Features:
• LEDs in 25 and 50mm pitch
• Two Profile varieties (H-Style and U-Style)
• Standard lengths from 250 to 2500mm
• Profile colours in black and white

To fulfil special requirements, we can also offer individualised pitches, lengths, housing colours and forms.

>> Find out more about our Outdoor Profile System here

Interactive Pixel-Generator
Display video on LEDs with 1,000 fps
Interactive Pixel-Generator  
You want to play stream files from video files in variable speeds with up to 1,000 fps or create scrolling script? And think it’s good when you can do without a PC for a permanent installation? Then have a look at our Interactive Pixel-Generator — because it enables all that and much more and pushes the boundaries of your creativity that have previously been limited by the current technology for interactive installations.

And what about controlling? With the help of the integrated web server or the appropriate app, just take along a tablet or smart phone.

DMX Pixel-Router
Control LEDs from third party suppliers
We have often been asked if proven Schnick-Schnack technology can also control LED systems from third party suppliers so we gladly took on the suggestion. The result: our new DMX Pixel-Router — a big power pack in a little box!

With its 32Bit CPU it significantly outperforms the competition. It is 40-times faster than solutions from other manufacturers and has an optimized real-time operating system. Truly impressive: the DMX Pixel Router is one of few devices on the market that can process Ethernet bursts with more than 250 universes. Since it also utilizes the system wide Sync, all four DMX outputs are synchronized with the source. The DMX-Router offers inputs for Schnicknet, sACN, and ArtNet. Optically insulated outputs ensure additional operational reliability, which is especially important for larger installations. Mounting takes place via a top-hat rail.

What’s more, you can configure via the integrated web server — without having to use additional software.
DMX Pixel-Router
L6 Strips and L20 Tiles
The L Series is now even more versatile
LED-Strip L6  
We have expanded our Series L by two pitches. Our Strips are now also available in a 6.25mm pitch and our Tiles in 20mm pitch. The L6 LED Strips and the L20 Tiles are fitted with white LEDs and can be controlled as a group — an ideal lighting source for all uses where just one light color is required.

The L6 Strips are available in lengths of 125mm, 250mm and 500mm fitted with 20, 40 or 80 LEDs in a 6.25mm grid.

>> Read more about the Series L6 Strip here

The L20 Tiles are available with 100 LEDs on a 200mmx200mm surface or 25 LEDs on a 100mmx100mm surface. Even with an installation depth of 3 to 4cm you can create homogeneous backlighting.

By the way, the L6 Strips and L20 Tiles each come in seven color temperatures: 6500K, 5700K, 5000K, 4000K, 3500K, 3000K and 2700K.

>> More information about the L20 Tile can be found here

LED-Tile L20
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