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PR 160601: E-Bike Conference 1 June 2016
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PR 160601: E-Bike Conference

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Press photo

In the diverse setting of the Brixen Valley, and with a pedelec ride thrown in for relaxation, on the 1st July 2016 the focus is firmly on the future of pedelecs and e-bikes. Exhibits relating to each theme are on hand to test- ride. ExtraEnergy and TVB Brixental invite you to attend! Photo: e:bikefestival Kitzbüheler Alpen - Brixental / www.makmaimedia.at

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The press photo is exclusively reserved for publication within this press release PR 160601.
Press photo

Pedelec with all wheel drive system. Photo: Angela Budde (www.ExtraEnergy.org)

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The press photo is exclusively reserved for publication within this press release PR 160601.

Press photo

From the 2nd to 3rd July 2016, the ExtraEnergy Test IT Show invites you to test-ride the winners of the ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test. Photo: e:bikefestival Kitzbüheler Alpen - Brixental / www.makmaimedia.at

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The press photo is exclusively reserved for publication within this press release PR 160601.

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E-Bike Conference

Future Pedelecs – key technologies for the years ahead

1st July 2016, Kitzbühel Alps, Austria. Experience the key technologies for future pedelecs: ABS, all-wheel drive, sounds, sharing systems, highly automated production processes. What do these mean for pedelecs? And with the e:bikefestival running from the 2nd to 3rd July 2016, find the perfect pedelec for you.. 

ABS, all-wheel drive, sounds, sharing systems, highly automated production processes. Participants will enjoy the worldwide exclusive opportunity of a glimpse into the future of pedelecs, today.

Customer wish fulfilment as the key to market growth 
What will make the pedelec the next worldwide must-have, following in the footsteps of the fridge, colour TV, computer and mobile phone? A brief overview of the relevant functionalities which will assist the pedelec to market breakthrough. Customer wish fulfilment as the key to acceptance by the whole population. Speakers are Dr. Dipl.-Phys. Frieder Herb (Concepts and Strategy, ExtraEnergy Test) and Hannes Neupert (Chairman, ExtraEnergy e.V. and Executive Director, EnergyBus e.V.)

Self-driving pedelecs – what does that mean for pedelec sharing systems? 
What is public bike sharing and what is the significance of sharing schemes for tourism? Which models are available now, and what does the future hold? The speaker is Niclas Schubert (movelo, New Electric Mobility).

Pedelec, speak to me … when pedelecs find a voice
Silence is golden, and talk is cheap – one might think that this would also apply to pedelecs. But psycho-acoustic researcher Dr. Friedrich Blutner would disagree. For several years he has been researching the correct sounds for every conceivable – and apparently inconceivable – everyday object: washing machines, car doors, beer bottles, sausages, lipsticks and now for several years also pedelecs. He will be presenting an interim report on his research results for the SAVE project, sponsored by the Federal Research Ministry. Following this presentation you will be sensitised to disruptive sounds you were previously unaware of hearing, and to harmonic sounds which give the pedelec its individual character, and which could also develop brand identity. The speaker is Dr. Friedrich E. Blutner (Synotec Psychoinformatik GmbH).

The ABC of added functionality, and its reflection in consumer use 
AWD, ABS, ASR, GPS, GSM, RFID, HD, EB, USB, LED ... technologies. Why do we need them all for cycling? Speakers are Jakob Lauhoff (Brake ForceOne), Peter Broghammer (Director, Business Development, E-Mobility, Marquardt GmbH) and Kristjan Maruste (coModule).

Industry 4.0 – what does it mean for the cycle industry? 
Today, small-scale, highly labour intensive production dominates in the cycle industry. But the future of industrial production is elsewhere, in integrated and highly automated production processes, which simultaneously permit high levels of customisation, high quality, low lead-times and low prices. At the heart of Industry 4.0 are standardised interfaces which permit a wide variety of modules to be combined without difficulty into numerous configurations. Round table discussion with industry figures.

The exhibits
For each theme exhibits will be on hand to try out. These exhibits are: a prototype cycle with ABS braking system; pedelecs with all-wheel drive; coModule prototype of a self-driving pedelec, and a U-cart from Passionmobility Taiwan, plus two pedelec frames which can speak and sing (achieved purely through the use of an actuator which induces the frames to vibrate).

In the subsequent evening event, participants will be given an overview of the day’s programme and a concluding summary from Hannes Neupert (Chairman, ExtraEnergy e.V. and Executive Director, EnergyBus e.V.).

For participation in the Future Pedelecs Conference we request a contribution towards costs of 70 Euro, to include pedelec and evening events. It is also possible to book the evening event separately.

Register at: www.ebikefestival.at

Deadline for booking is Sunday 26th June 2016.

Find your dream pedelec
The e:bikefestival starts on the 2nd July, and ExtraEnergy will be bringing vehicles from Test IT Show partners myStromer, Binova and Bafang. The SECURE locker system, for the charging and safe storage of electric bike batteries, will be presented by Test IT Show partner E. ZIEGLER Metallbearbeitung AG. Also, the test winners from the ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test will be available for test-riding. 

LEV Components Special Exhibition
ExtraEnergy invites those attending the e:bikefestival to the LEV Components Special Exhibition.
The Special Exhibition is dedicated to the worldwide presentation of technologies and products in the field of LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) components. Participating exhibitors provide information on their product offerings in three languages (English, German and Chinese) via custom-made posters explaining the special features of each particular product. Furthermore, it’s possible to enjoy an interactive experience, with direct hands-on experience of the products at each exhibit. Exhibitors, powered by ExtraEnergy, are: Bafang, Shanghai YingYu Electronics, EnergyBUS e.V., BATSO e.V., Greenway Battery Co., Ltd., TD HITECH ENERGY INC., IDbike, BionX International Cooperation, ZEHUS s.r.l., pironex GmbH, Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG, emtas GmbH, Marquardt Mechatronik GmbH, SCHWALBE | Ralf Bohle GmbH, Brose Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Robert Bosch GmbH, Binova GmbH, DAPU, Lishui Electronics Research Institute Co., Ltd., PHYLION BATTERY CORP., LTD., Gates CarbonDrive, Komsa Kommunikation Sachsen AG, SantaMonica EV, MPF, Taya Chain Co., Ltd., Modiary Co., Ltd., Shengyi, gearsensor.com.

ExtraEnergy cordially invites you! Come to the e:bikefestival and experience the latest pedelecs in all of their variety for yourself!


About ExtraEnergy
ExtraEnergy has carried out independent e-bike and pedelec tests since 1992. Since then the organisation has established itself as the most influential information, user protection and promotional organisation for light electric vehicles (LEVs) worldwide.

The founders realised from the start that these vehicles need to be experienced first-hand. Since 1997 the Test IT Track has been on the road, and today has three units for the Test IT Show. ExtraEnergy is also rooted at its test facility in Tanna, where 24 years of test reports and LEV history are on display at the LEV Museum.

Other services on offer include presentations and exhibitions at trade and public shows, plus information distribution with the assistance of correspondents worldwide.

Alongside our physical presence, www.extraenergy.org provides a treasure-house of information online. With support from the European Union and the IEA (International Energy Agency), in 2012 the Go Pedelec! Handbook was published in German, English, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Italian, Spanish and Chinese, including much new information and best practice studies for electric-assist two-wheelers.

As founding members of the EnergyBus and BATSO (Battery Safety Organisation) associations, ExtraEnergy is also active on both the ISO (International Standards Organisation) Standards Committee, with a focus on mechanical standardisation, and on the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and so helps set safety and communication standards for LEVs worldwide.

PR Contact:
Angela Budde
T 036646-3298-10
E redaktion@extraenergy.org


For immediate publication - a sample copy would be much appreciated!
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