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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter No. 19 06/2014
Our News
Some Reading, a Few Surprises, and a Little Sorting!
Dear Clients and Readers, Dear Friends,

Spring is here and many a project has come to its completion. We are pleased to welcome Tanja Fischer to our Swiss team.

Even the mobile library for children and young adults has been finished! Share our joy at the sight of these children and their laughing eyes. The world of diamonds is full of surprises. If the one thing missing from your closet is a really fancy pair of boots, we have a special recommendation for you. They could even be matched up with a most unusual watch that we found for you at Baselworld 2014.

As our readers, you know all too well how passionate we are about Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds. This is why we are so pleased that more and more future brides and grooms are choosing these coloured beauties as a symbol of their own personal attitude towards life. Given our passion for Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, we would like to invite you on one of our shopping trips.

Happy reading!

Juliane Hennig

Dominik Kulsen

Reading Can Be So Nice!
In Newsletter N° 17 we told you about the commitment, inventiveness, and enthusiasm with which the Arrow Coach employees tackled the challenge of converting a Tata ACE pick-up truck into a mobile library for children, a project financed by our donation.

Today, we are proud to show you all the love that went into making the idea of Madhan Mohan, founder and director of Regenboog India Foundation, a reality.

The children’s impatience and the joy on their faces say it all!

From Our Collection:
Rose-Cut Champagne Diamonds
Did you know that in past centuries rose cuts were among the most popular cuts for diamonds? Today, jewellery designers especially appreciate the antique charm of these flat, rose-cut diamonds that are particularly well suited to filigree jewellery creations requiring minimal material thickness.

We have a large selection of rose-cut champagne diamonds in stock, available in various shapes and shades and in sizes ranging from 1,80 to 5,50 mm.

If you are interested in our rose-cut diamonds, feel free to contact us at:

Our Office in Berlin/Germany
Telephone: +49 (0)30 400 55 93 0

Our Office in Winterthur/Switzerland
Telephone: +41 (0)52 212 24 40

All about Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds
Noel Holly – A Master of Presentation
Have you ever tried to photograph Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds? If so, then you know how much patience, technical knowledge and know-how are needed to successfully capture the subtleties of these coloured beauties.

Because we know just how difficult this task is, we wish to take this opportunity to express all our appreciation for Noel Holly, one of the most experienced and creative photographers of pink diamonds. Noel Holly died in February of this year in Perth, Western Australia at the age of 71.

Noel Holly presented the much sought after Fancy Pink diamonds in the most fascinating way for the annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tenders. Together with Ray Sparvell, head of Public Relations for the Argyle Diamond Mine from 1986 to 1992, Noel Holly began his work in 1987 and created legendary photos that have lost none of their fascination.
Record-Breaking Diamond Boots
On 4 December 2013, the Antwerp based luxury fashion label A.F. Vandervorst presented a stunning pair of diamond boots during the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong. These boots have resulted from the collaboration of A.F Vandevorst with the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), the Flemish Fashion Institute and Diarough, one of the leading diamond companies in Antwerp.

These boots are adorned with paisley patterns made up of 39 083 diamonds. To make this possible, Diarough/Uni-Design provided a total of 1 550.00 ct in diamonds. Although most of the diamonds used were champagne coloured and grey, the designer used very rare pink diamonds to create the A.F. Vandervorst logo.

In the Uni-Design manufacturing facility, a team of goldsmiths set the diamonds in a total of 4 783 grams of gold. The entire production process, from designing and producing the boots to selecting, sorting, transporting and then setting the diamonds took 30 000 man hours.

On 4 December, the Chinese artist Yi Zhou had the honour of presenting these sparkling boots in one of Hong Kong’ finest restaurants before the Queen of Belgium, the Minister-President of Flanders and four hundred selected guests.

Interested? If so, these boots are available in European shoe size 39 for USD 3 188 100.
Seen for You in Basel - Graff's Hallucination
No, it was not a hallucination. For its debut in the Baselworld fair, the British jeweller Graff Diamonds did indeed present a spectacular jewelled watch, set with more than 110 ct of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds – a medley of colours.

Designers, goldsmiths and gemmologists created the jewel using Laurence Graff’s ideas as inspiration and by doing so made one of his diamond dreams a reality. The Hallucination symbolizes the passion Graff has for Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

The price for this watch – and at this point you might be wondering if you aren’t actually hallucinating - is

USD 55 000 000!

The lucky lady who is able to own the Hallucination will certainly hold time in high esteem and have just as great a passion for Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

Fancys Forever?
Natural Coloured Diamonds have become an indispensable element in jewellery design and we are always fascinated by the variety of jewellery creations in which we find our diamonds.

As we are always on the lookout for examples, we wondered whether Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds might also be considered for engagement and wedding rings.
Gemmology Corner
On a Buying trip with the Sortoscope
When customers ask us why our Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds have a higher price per carat than those of other traders, we can answer in all honesty:

Because our products are hand selected.

Today, we would like to share with you how we “had pick” our diamonds.

You will receive our next newsletter in September 2014.

Earlier editions of our newsletter may be found in our newsletter-archive.
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