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The New Gruschwitz Newsletter
Our aim is to provide our business partners with comprehensive and timely information on current topics at Gruschwitz. Our focus in this issue is on our strategic sales cooperation with DSM Dyneema, the manufacturer of Dyneema®, a UHMWPE fiber with very special properties. We're sure that this issue of the newsletter will also contain interesting information for you.  

Talk to us - we are interested in your questions and suggestions and look forward to further successful cooperation!
Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™
5 years of cooperation between Gruschwitz and DSM Dyneema
DSM Dyneema, the Dutch world market leader in UHMWPE fibers, has already established a development and distribution partnership for Central and Eastern Europe with Gruschwitz since 2011. Gruschwitz specializes in providing top-quality, customer-specific solutions in the field of technical twisted threads and yarns by means of banding, twisting, winding and coating.
Dyneema® areas of application
Dyneema® is an ultra-high molecular polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE) and combines the highest tensile strength with low weight. Measured in terms of weight, the material is 15 times more tear-resistant than high-quality steel and up to 40% more tear-resistant than aramid fibers. Dyneema® floats on water and is extremely resistant to UV light, chemicals and moisture. These special properties mean that Dyneema® can be used in a wide variety of applications.
Dyneema® fibers
Dyneema® fibers are an important component in ropes, lines, belts and nets in the fishing, shipbuilding and offshore industries. They are also used in protective gloves in metal processing as well as in fine yarns for sports articles and technical medical applications. Dyneema® special equipment for the police and the military protects personnel against shooting, stabbing and cutting injuries. Detailed information on the special properties of DSM Dyneema can be found in the enclosed data sheet.
New types
Dyneema® Max Technology: DM20, 1760dtex 
Dyneema® with almost no creep strain (<0.5% in 25 years!)

Dyneema® SK99, 880dtex
Dyneema® with high tensile strength (4,3N/tex) and optimum module (159N/tex)

Dyneema® Diamond Technology: 3G12, 220/440/660/1760dtex
Dyneema® for even better cutting resistance

Dyneema® Black: BK75, 110/220/440/880/1760dtex
Dyneema® in spun-dyed black
To find out more about the areas of application for Dyneema® why not talk to us directly:
Juan Serrano-Mannsfeld
Sales and Marketing Manager
T +49 (0) 7561 9098-560

Albert Jeni
Segment Sales Manager (Indutech, Buildtech, Hometech)
T +49 (0) 7561 9098-666

Klaus Vesper
Segment Sales Manager (Mobiltech, Medtech, Protech)
T +49 (0) 7561 9098-554

Peter Wolfrum
Segment Sales Manager (Sewtech, Aerotech)
T +49 (0) 7561 9098-667


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