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Motto of IFLA WLIC 2017
The official motto of IFLA WLIC 2017 Congress is "Libraries. Solidarity. Society.” The roots of this motto are explained in the invitation for the Congress, sent by Tomasz Makowski – Director General of the National Library of Poland and Elżbieta Stefańczyk – President of Polish Librarians' Association:
“A straightforward yet powerful message that resonates with a singular truth in a country where the most powerful union movement of the past century was born and went on to change the face of history. A message from a robust library community that managed not only to survive the challenges of the transformation, but excelled and flourished in the new social and political reality. And now the network of our country‘s information providers is ready to bring you the most exciting and exceptional congress experience.”
Wrocław – City of Dwarfs
When walking through Wrocław, it’s worth looking down because at any moment we can come across one of the dwarfs hiding within the city. Originating from anti-communism graffiti painted in the 80s of the 20th century, they evolved to the form of bronze figures and became a symbol of Wrocław and one of the tourist attractions. They are simply ubiquitous - dotting doorways and street corners, constantly underfoot, but only seen by the observant. There are over 350 dwarfs spread all over the city. Some of them are librarians!

It will be possible to learn more about the dwarfs, socialist realism architecture of Wrocław, as well as Wrocław’s everyday life in the times of communism, during the tour prepared for the congress participants.
More information can be found here.
Academic Libraries in Wrocław
There are many academic libraries in Wrocław, but only three of them will be presented to the Congress participants during the Library Tour no. 1: Wrocław´s Academic and Scientific Libraries Tour

The Wrocław University Library serves teaching and research needs of the University community as well as promotes science and culture amongst the general public. It has over three hundred years of experience in serving the University and the city of Wrocław. Its future is a development into a ‘hybrid library’, an institution combining both traditional and electronic libraries. This perspective is closely related to the construction of the new and modern building. The new site will significantly help Wrocław University Library evolve into an educational, research and information center where respect of cultural heritage is accompanied by the usage of state of the art information technology.

The Library holds almost 2,500,000 volumes (ca. 4,000,000 together with specialized faculty libraries), and keeps expanding according to its acquisition profile. The most precious part of the entire collection is the special collection, which includes the largest set of early printed books known in Poland, numbering over 300,000 volumes. With over 12,500 manuscript inventory items, this collection is also one of the largest in the country. The University Library has a rich music collection with unique copies from the whole world adding up to over 40,000 volumes including 4,400 pieces of early printed sheet music, and around 25,000 items of sheet music published from 1801 onwards, as well as 2,500 music manuscripts. Other valuable library resources are the graphic collection (around 60,000 items), a cartographic collection (around 12,000 items) as well as an expensive collection of around 90,000 volumes of Silesian prints, including around 40,000 Silesian serials.

Libraries of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology are an integral part of a Center for Scientific and Technical Information which was established on January 1st, 2014. CWINT is situated in an impressive new building in the heart of the University campus and is an interdepartmental unit which runs scientific, research, educational and service activities. The Traditional Library collects and provides access to traditional printed information resources in line with the University profile and its user's needs. The users have access to all resources (also valuable 19th century science books) in freshly renovated and spacious rooms, like the Fiction Circulation Desk and Reading Room.

The Electronic Library is responsible for testing, collecting and providing access to electronic information resources. It also creates electronic resources which are made accessible in Open Access within Lower Silesian Digital Library and WUST Knowledge Repository. In the Electronic Library there is a state-of-the-art digitization room, furnished with equipment and software for scanning library resources, documents and 3D objects. Electronic Library patrons can use fully equipped multimedia reading rooms and a friendly space for individual and group work, which are available in the Open Study Zone.

The Main Library of the Wrocław University of Economics is located in a new building which was put into use in 2011. The book collection is available for readers on the three floors of the Open Access Area by way of open storage. This modern building is equipped with an exhibition hall, seminar/conference and didactic rooms, cubicles for individual and group work, play room for children and all the facilities necessary for disabled people.

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