CCSS Newsletter 09/2017
Issue September 2017
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Maybe we should reconsider the header of this paragraph. Most people currently on the distribution list of this newsletter are not (yet) a customer of the TRIPLAN CLOSED COKE SLURRY SYSTEM (CCSS).

And, although the number of installations is increasing, like all ‘new’ technologies it is not easy to get acceptance by the conventional and traditional refinery community. In the past year we intensified our interactions with potential clients all over the world and on many occasions we were asked for our reference list. As of today that list is short, but on the other hand CCSS is not a new system. It has been in operation very successfully for over 30 years in Germany. In the initial 20 years has been upgraded and modified to what it is now with the assistance of the same TRIPLAN engineers that are involved with your future project. This unit is working flawlessly since 2005 without any interruptions, break-downs, maintenance issues, etc. etc. These facts were enough to convince customers in Poland and Russia and will be with several other refineries soon. So, therefor we will continue sending our newsletter to our dear customers

Closed Coke Slurry System

In previous newsletters we expanded on the design of CCSS, the features and the crusher. And although the unparalleled unique and robust design the crusher is the hearth of the system, many customers asked detailed questions about our Dewatering Bin.

They were particularly interested in how we prevent the Dewatering Bin from clogging, especially when there are lots of fines in the water. Please refer to the comment above – the current design of our Dewatering Bin also is a result of many years of development on a life system. Not something we designed on the drawing board but rather a design matured over many years by trial and error method. Until one day (back in 2005) we reached the optimum. So today we can state; the TRIPLAN Dewatering Bin will NOT clog, we can guarantee dry coke with a water content <10% and drain water with a coke fine content of <0.5%. All that because of the special design and geometry of the internals. And what’s more – we can place the Dewatering Bin at any location where dry coke is needed. Eliminating polluting and costly transportation belt-ways, up to kilometers away from the DCU location. This feature adds to the flexibility of plot layout of the DCU when CCSS is installed.

More details

Gazprom Neft Russia Project

TRIPLAN completed the basic engineering package for the Gazpromneft CCSS project in Moscow. This was handed over to CB&I Lummus the DCU licensor. During the next phase TRIPLAN engineers will work closely with the Russian based EPC in order to complete detail engineering. It is noteworthy that this will be the 2nd new CCSS system to be integrated into a CB&I Lummus licensed DCU.

CCSS Miro Germany Project

At the DCU in the MiRO Refinery in Karlsruhe bottom unheading valves will be installed during upcoming 2018 TA. This implies the CCSS crusher will then be permanently connected to the unheading valves TRIPLAN engineers designed a transition piece for this project which is capable of handling the drum expansion and vibration which occur during operations. A transition piece is also installed at the LOTOS project and will be standard on all future CCSS projects.

CCSS Lotos Poland Project

Installation of the equipment supplied by TRIPLAN for this project has been completed. This refers to crushers and slurry pumps, which were all manufactured in Germany. In fact most of the CCSS is finished. Mechanical completion of this new DCU is scheduled for next November.

Engineers India Limited

EIL has completed a Techno-Commercial study on TRIPLAN CCSS. The study focused on the main features of CCSS (no emissions, safety, DCU dry coke and clear water guarantees, footprint), but also on the economic benefits the TRIPLAN CCSS design offers to refineries. EIL concluded that it will consider CCSS as a viable option when building of revamping a DCU in India.


In order to better serve our Taiwanese customers, TRIPLAN has appointed Exponents Technology Corp., Kaohsiung, Taiwan as its agent for Taiwan. Furthermore this cooperation guarantees access to Taiwanese specific engineering rules and specifications, so we can have detail engineering executed in Taiwan. We are convinced this cooperation will assist customers in getting the best of both worlds.
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