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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter No. 31 10/2017
Bi-colour done differently
Although the sun is actually closer to the earth during the winter, we have to contend with days that are often cold and grey. All the more important, then, that we fill those days with colour, making them warmer and brighter!

The term “bi-colour” in English simply means “two colours”, and most people are familiar with the example of rings made of white and yellow gold or white and rose gold.

Opinions are often divided when it comes to bi-coloured jewellery. In the case of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, however, combining colours provides a unique opportunity to personalise jewellery. We shouldn’t pass up a look.

Upon closer inspection, nature is full of two-tone beauty and shows both harmonious and contrasting colour combinations:
Bi-colour – Nature shows us how it’s done!
Yellow & Purple
Cushion / Fancy Yellow / VS2 / 0.43ct / 4,45 x 3,99 x 2,70 mm
GIA 2183089656
Cushion / Fancy Purple Pink / SI2 / 0.46ct / 4,47 x 3,90 x 2,83 mm
GIA 6177173869
Combination of Fancy Yellow and Fancy Purple brilliant stones
Orange & Green
Brilliant / Fancy Olive Green / VS / 0.25ct / 4,01 - 4,03 x 2,49 mm
Brilliant / Fancy Deep Yellow Orange / PQ / 0.24ct / 3,95 - 3,99 x 2,47 mm
Combination of Fancy Olive Green and Fancy Deep Yellow orange pavé stones
Champagne & Orange
Pear shape / Dark Champagne (C6) / VS / 0.30ct / 5,63 x 3,61 x 2,38 mm
Pear shape / Fancy Deep Yellow Orange / VS / 0.31ct / 5,38 x 3,72 x 2,52 mm
Yellow & Champagne
Pear shape / Fancy Yellow / VS2 / 0.52ct / 6,99 x 4,15 x 2,61 mm
GIA 2171934668
Pear shape / Medium Champagne (C4) / VS / 0.53ct / 7,08 x 4,42 x 2,91 mm
Combination of Fancy Yellow and Medium Champagne (C4) princess cut diamonds
Light & Dark Champagne
Cushion / Medium Champagne (C3) / VS / 1.06ct / 5,98 x 5,64 x 3,84 mm
Cushion / Dark Champagne (C6) / VVS / 1.07ct / 6,00 x 5,52 x 3,89 mm
Combination of Medium Champagne (C3) and Dark Champagne (C6) pavé stones
Light & Dark Orange
Marquise / Fancy Deep Yellow Orange / VVS / 0.38ct / 6,52 x 3,74 x 2,58 mm
Marquise / Fancy Deep Brown Orange / PQ / 0.34ct / 6,41 x 3,63 x 2,28 mm
GIA 12383857
Colourful auction at Sotheby’s

In May, Sotheby’s obtained a record price of 57 million dollars for an extremely rare pair of diamond earrings. The pair is made up of the “Apollo Blue” Fancy Vivid Blue diamond (14.54 ct) and the “Artemis Pink” Fancy Intense Pink diamond (16.00 ct).
The “Apollo” diamond is considered to be the largest, internally flawless Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ever sold.
A high-carat carrot
Guaranteed to make you smile: A Canadian woman recently got her lost engagement ring back in a most surprising way: wrapped around a carrot from her own garden. Thirteen years earlier while gardening, Mary Grams lost her ring; it only just reappeared wrapped tightly around a carrot that had been freshly plucked from the garden.

This just goes to prove that jewellery lasts an eternity – the ring is perfectly intact after being buried for 13 years!
The teams at Kulsen & Hennig GbR and Dominik Kulsen AG wish you a colourful and successful autumn … and winter!
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