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Newsletter February 2019
Our aim is to provide our business partners with comprehensive and timely information on current topics at Gruschwitz as well as new developments in the field of technical fibers and yarns. The focus of this current edition is on our long-standing development and distribution partnership with DSM Dyneema:

Gruschwitz has been working with great success for many years now with DSM Dyneema, the Dutch world-market leader in the field of UHMWPE fibers. A first cooperation agreement for the sale of Dyneema® products in Central and Eastern Europe was concluded in 2011. While DSM Dyneema is constantly enriching the product portfolio with innovative new types, Gruschwitz, with its expertise in converting and coatings, offers individual customized solutions. To further enhance the benefits of this collaboration for our customers, the cooperation agreement between Gruschwitz and DSM Dyneema was extended in June 2018 for further 5 years.
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“As strong as steel – but by far lighter”
Dyneema® is an ultra-high molecular polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE) and combines the highest tensile strength with low weight. Measured in terms of weight, the material is 15 times more tear-resistant than high-quality steel and up to 40% more tear-resistant than aramid fibers:
Thanks to its extremely high tensile strength, low weight and high resistance to UV radiation and salt water, Dyneema® is ideal for use in offshore applications.

Dyneema® has the same specific density as salt water and therefore floats in the water. This means that an offshore crane equipped with a cable made from Dyneema® maintains its full payload right down to maximum depth. If a steel cable is used instead, the payload of the crane is reduced significantly through the own weight of the cable, which increases in line with increasing depth. 

The low weight and textile haptic guarantee safe and simple use. Whether as a crane cable, towing line or anchor rope – there are already many applications that take advantage of Dyneema®‘s high-performance properties replacing steel.
XBO technology
exclusive from Gruschwitz
Internal friction and the generation of heat through constant strain have a negative impact on the service life of synthetic fiber ropes. In order to overcome this problem, DSM Dyneema has developed its XBO technology, which is processed exclusively by Gruschwitz.
XBO is a special coating technology for Dyneema® that reduces the internal friction of ropes and hence optimizes the bending fatigue strength. Ropes with XBO coating have 10 times greater bending fatigue strength and an average 3 times longer service life than uncoated ropes. Depending on your requirements, we can supply you with types SK75, SK78 and DM20 applying XBO coating.
Be inspired by the numerous outstanding properties of Dyneema®. Maybe also your products can be optimized through the application of this high-performance fiber and the XBO coating technology?

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