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HD-Lock Modbus - Optimizations recorded and implemented.

During the first projects some suggestions for improvement were made. We have now checked these and incorporated them into the series product. Among other things, the firmware has been updated. Now, HD-Lock recognizes the impact direction of the door automatically and the sensor is parameterized accordingly. This simplifies the installation and sources of error are avoided.

Furthermore, the position accuracy of the door is queried only during the locking process. After the door has been locked (bolt extended), the door recognition of the sensor widens and potential error messages through the security system are avoided.

On the mechanical side, optimizations were also carried out. For example, the guide bush of the bolt has been strengthened, so that violent damage is even more strongly counteracted.

Overall, significant improvements have been achieved to even more satisfy customers need in order to perform installation of HD-Lock in an easy and reliable way.

Further information HD-Lock Modbus: Link

We are excited about our optimized HD-Lock Modbus and are looking forward to your requests.


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