News 07/2019 – Review of #LINO19

The 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting was an exciting and inspiring week for all participants: “Every Nobel Laureate I encountered was passionate about his or her work,” reflects young scientist Samer Kurdi on our blog. “To me, this means that to be curious and open-minded, and to work where your passion lies, is ultimately where your strength and success will come from.”

Highlights of #LINO19 can be watched in our mediatheque – such as the panel discussion “How Can Science Change the World for the Better?” on the final meeting day. Here, topics concerning research ethics and significance of science into today's global issues were lively discussed.

Since many of the pressing problems nowadays cannot be solved on a national basis, there is a need for global, sustainable, cooperative open science. The Lindau Declaration 2020, first suggested by Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, is a call to widely support new ways in science. The declaration is now open for debate. We invite everyone to help this initiative to become a global pact for science.

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Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings
Eight Lessons from #LINO19

Young scientist Samer Kurdi reflects on his experience at this year's Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.

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Change the World for the Better

During the final panel discussion, participants discussed how science can contribute to solve the world's problems today and in the future.

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Lindau Declaration 2020

The Lindau Declaration 2020 on Sustainable Cooperative Open Science is now open for debate, changes and amendments.

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