News 10/2019 – The Nobel Laureates 2019

At the beginning of this month, the Nobel Commitees in Stockholm and Oslo awarded the Nobel Prizes 2019. We cordially congratulate all new Nobel Laureates and hope to welcome some of them for the upcoming Lindau Meetings. Over the next few weeks, we will publish a series of articles on our blog featuring the scientific breakthroughs that led to this year's Nobel Prizes.

Already today, you can explore the latest contributions on our website and learn about Nobel Prize research. Find out more about the discovery of cryo-electron microscopy, the importance of microbiomes for our health and the fascinating world of cosmology on our blog and in the mediatheque.
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Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings
Nobel Lab 360°: Joachim Frank

Go on a virtual tour through Joachim Frank's lab and learn about cryo-electron microscopy for whose development the laureate received the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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Microbiome: It Takes a Village

We are living in symbiosis with trillions of microbes that are essential to our health. Science writer Judith Reichel tells us more about the life of these useful organisms.

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Teaching Guide: Cosmology

With the new Teaching Guide for physics lessons, pupils can learn about the Big Bang theory, the expansion of the Universe or the cosmological redshift phenomenon.

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