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Newsletter No. 39 02/2020
All systems go!

This year, once again, we will be presenting at INHORGENTA MUNICH from 14 - 17 February 2020. As always, you are cordially invited to visit us at our stand.
Did you know that the diamond is the colour gemstone with the broadest colour spectrum? Stop by and see for yourself the quality and variety of our natural coloured diamonds, which we always select with the greatest care for our customers.
INHORGENTA is a perfect opportunity for us to answer your questions and present our new products: Australian Champagne coloured diamonds with certificates of origin!
You will find us as usual at stand 309 in Hall C1.
New at Kulsen & Hennig and Dominik Kulsen AG:
Champagne-coloured diamonds with certificates of origin!
Almost all of the most beautiful champagne-coloured diamonds come from the famous Argyle Mine in North-West Australia.

Characterized by their beautiful, warm and clear brown tone, which can change into yellowish, reddish or even deep orange hues, diamonds mined at Argyle radiate a classic and unobtrusive charm that is hard to resist. They are often referred to as caramel, cinnamon or cognac colours, names that immediately evoke positive connotations. The official colour designation, however, was introduced by Argyle and ranges from C1 and C2 for light champagne, C3 and C4 for medium champagne, C5 and C6 for dark champagne and C7 for cognac.
To our delight, we have managed to acquire a considerable number of champagne coloured diamonds with certificates of origin from the Argyle mine for Inhorgenta. All the stones have two laser engravings on the girdle. One engraving indicates the stone’s provenance, while the other certifies that the diamond is of natural origin. The question of provenance and sustainability has become a hot topic in the jewellery industry in recent years.
Come by and have a look at these exceptional and rare beauties. And be sure to take this opportunity to secure your own champagne coloured diamond with its certificate of origin!
Interesting facts about the Argyle Mine and its diamonds
The Argyle Mine is located in the farthest tip of northwest Australia, some 3,000 kilometres from the city of Perth, Western Australia’s state capital.
It is operated by RIO TINTO, the third largest mining company in the world, known for its innovative technology, sustainable mining practices and partnerships with indigenous communities. The success and high yield of the Argyle Mine is also truly unique. Since it started operating in 1985, it has produced approximately 6.8 carats of diamonds per tonne of rock mined per year, compared to yields of only 0.3 to 1.0 carats per tonne of rock at other mines. In the first decades of its existence, it produced a total of approximately 30 million carats of rough diamonds annually, around 5 % of which are considered gem quality stones.
Despite all of the successes, the Argyle Mine has seen its yield decline continuously in recent years, ultimately dropping by more than half. In addition, mining has become much more complex due to ever-deeper excavations, which has led to an increase in production costs. For these reasons, Rio Tinto has finally decided to close the mine in a timely manner.

Argyle diamonds are world renowned for their fantastic colours. As previously mentioned above, the mine is the world’s largest source of champagne-coloured diamonds in the most beautiful shades of colour. It is also known for its exceptional yield of pink diamonds, accounting for approximately 90 % of the world's supply.
This comparatively high yield of pink diamonds, however, only represents 0.1 % of the total diamonds mined by the Argyle Mine, which attests to the exclusivity and rarity of pink diamonds.
Every year, Argyle reserves the 50 to 60 most beautiful pink, red and purple diamonds found that year for an annual auction. The so-called “Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender” is an exclusive event and represents a unique opportunity for about 200 carefully selected experts from the diamond industry to bid on these special stones.
As Rio Tinto's Argyle Diamond Company explains, "the pink Argyle diamonds on offer are literally one in a million. This means that for every one million carats of rough diamonds mined at the mine, only one polished carat is offered for sale at the tender event".
A short side note:
Champagne and pink diamonds have the same cause of colour. Due to the very high pressure and extreme heat deep inside the earth, the planes of the crystal lattice of the diamond shift during formation. This shift creates the impression of the brown or pink colour.
Due to their rarity, pink-coloured diamonds have long since become coveted collector's items and the prices for these rarities have multiplied in the last decades. Likewise, Champagne-coloured diamonds have also seen a price increase. It remains to be seen, however, how prices will evolve once the Argyle Mine has finally closed down, given the resulting drop in yield that will follow.
The hope remains that at some point new and previously undiscovered deposits of diamonds of comparable quality will be found. Nevertheless, even if this should be the case, it can take a good ten years from the discovery of a deposit of diamonds to its final extraction.
For the sake of the environment!

New packaging at Kulsen & Hennig and Dominik Kulsen AG
Until now, we have sent our daily shipments in plastic mailing bags. For the sake of the environment, however, we have decided to revise our shipping concept.
We firmly believe that the issue of sustainability covers all areas of our activity and thus should also include "packaging and shipping". As a result, we have now opted to use more environmentally friendly packaging:
The new packaging consists of environmentally friendly envelopes made of kraft paper, biodegradable paper packing tape with solvent-free adhesive and a recycled roll core. The letter inserts are made of pressed cardboard.
Before we start sending our goods with the new packaging, however, we will of course use up the remaining stock of our old materials.
You will receive our next newsletter in summer 2020.

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