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Nature's Brilliant Colours
Newsletter No. 40 07/2020
Dear Customers and Friends,

In the last few weeks and months, we have experienced a crisis the likes of which none of us has ever seen before. Dealing with the virus has unsettled many people, perhaps even bringing some close to the edge.
Although this time has posed tremendous challenges for our industry, it may also have provided us all with a rare opportunity – a chance to perhaps place renewed value on togetherness and cooperation once again?
We were very pleased that you, our customers, continued to contact us during the "lockdown" to place orders. Our team enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, the many nice and personal telephone conversations we have had during these strange times. Let's move forward together and meet this challenge as one!
We hope you will find lots of inspiration in this newsletter and enjoy the sunny summer months and well-deserved summer holidays!
Juliane Hennig for the Kulsen & Hennig GbR and Dominik Kulsen AG Teams
The Diamond Market in the Age of Corona
Like most industries, the diamond industry has not been immune to the effects of the Corona crisis. Mining companies have largely stopped selling in commercial centres like Antwerp, meaning no supply for diamond traders around the world for the time being. Also, due to the current ongoing situation, our regular shopping trips to Antwerp and India have been put on hold for the time being.
That said, as the borders seem to be slowly re-opening, we hope to soon be able to resume our regular trips and start searching for your perfect diamonds once again. 
In the meantime, however, rest assured that we still have a well-stocked inventory of beautiful goods. We look forward to continuing to supply you with our carefully selected Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds and to providing you with advice and expertise over the phone! 
Background: 90 percent of the diamonds on the market today worldwide are cut and polished in India, but since March, the economy there has been at a standstill, having far-reaching consequences for the entire global diamond trade. In the city of Surat, the global hub of diamond processing, there is nothing left to do for the 200,000 workers who are responsible for the cutting and polishing of the diamonds. Until production resumes, there will be no demand for rough diamonds.
Due to the temporary closing of many retailers, the consumer demand for the radiant, classic gemstones has also been limited. Most diamond jewellery is still bought directly from retail jewellers or goldsmiths, despite the growing trend of online sales.
The advantage of our industry is that events such as engagements and weddings are simply postponed and not cancelled altogether.

At Kulsen & Hennig (Germany) and Dominik Kulsen AG (Switzerland), we are already seeing a noticeable increase in inquiries and orders, which is extremely positive.
Mobile Library – How the Regenboog India Foundation is Helping
If you read our last newsletters, you are already familiar with the Regenboog India Foundation.
As a reminder, this remarkable organization in South India works on various projects, including, for example, the creation of a mobile library. The “library” consists of a small, converted truck that drives out to remote villages, bringing and lending books to poor families and evening schools that would otherwise not be able to afford books or have access to them. The mobile library project, in particular, is very dear to our hearts and we support it regularly.
Since the end of March, however, the Regenboog projects have all been practically at a standstill. The team, on the other hand, has been very busy, doing everything in its power to cushion the adverse effects of the pandemic on the population. The Indian government's sanctions and their consequences are hitting the population hard. The organization is also involved in actively fighting the virus, providing local government with its more than ten years’ experience in combating disasters. Even before the nationwide "lockdown", Regenboog had begun to prepare for the crisis.
For example, the mobile library truck was quickly adapted for a new use. The vehicle was used for scouting missions through the towns and villages around Tiruvannamalai to educate the population about the virus and inform villagers about the most important hygiene measures.
In addition, the Mobile Medical Team run by the foundation also helps monitor suspected cases and a special Covid-19 test kiosk has been developed for the Tiruvannamalai government hospital to protect employees from infection. The staff there also received help in disinfecting the hospital.
All vehicles of the Regenboog India Foundation are in operation and keep in contact with cordoned-off neighbourhoods and provide people with food rations. Disinfectant could also be produced if needed from illegally distilled alcohol, confiscated by the police.  
This frontline work is an important part of fighting the virus. The activities of the Regenboog India Foundation listed here are just a few examples of how the organization’s available resources can be best used where they are urgently needed.
Diamonds with Certificates of Origin

Even in times like these, a growing number of consumers still want to buy responsibly. Earlier this year, at the Inhorgenta trade show, we introduced you to our newly available Champagne Coloured Diamonds with certificates of origin that provide proof of origin and traceability back to the Argyle Mine located in North-West Australia. Due to the many inquiries we have received since then, we would like to share with you some of available diamonds from our current stock:
  • Brilliant / C2 / 0.32 ct / VS
  • Brilliant / C5 / 0.34 ct / VVS
  • Brilliant / C1 / 0.44 ct / VVS
  • Brilliant / C1 / 0.51 ct / VVS
  • Brilliant / C4 / 0.55 ct / VS
  • Brilliant / C6 / 1.03 ct / VS
  • Brilliant / C3 / 1.10 ct / VS
  • Brilliant / C2 / 1.52 ct / VS
  • Brilliant / C5 / 1.80 ct / VVS
  • Brilliant / C7 / 2.01 ct / SI
  • Brilliant / C3 / 2.15 ct / VS
  • Cushion / C2 / 1.02 ct / VVS
  • Radiant / C5 / 2.01 ct / SI
All the stones have two laser engravings on the girdle. One engraving indicates the stone’s provenance, while the other certifies that the diamond is of natural origin. Characterized by their beautiful, warm, and clear brown tone, diamonds mined at Argyle radiate a classic and unobtrusive charm that is hard to resist.
Click here for the Champagne colour chart
Hello, Instagram!

At Kulsen & Hennig GbR and Dominik Kulsen AG, we have expanded our social media presence and can now be found on Instagram. On our account, we post information and current pictures of our latest achievements, in addition to offering our followers a glimpse of the beauties waiting in our safe.
We are looking forward to filling our new account with many beautiful stones, insights, and impressions - from home and on the road (as soon as we can travel again, of course!).

If you are interested in following us, you can find our account under the following username:  kulsen_hennig
Looking to Reinforce our Team in the Heart of Berlin
Our Kulsen & Hennig GbR team is recruiting motivated and reliable reinforcements for our Berlin office starting in September!
For over 20 years, we have been successfully trading Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, guided by our passion and fascination for these impressive treasures from nature.
Tasks and responsibilities in this exciting field of activity include daily order processing (involving telephone contact and consulting with our customers) and putting together individual selections of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.
Additional tasks cover general office work and inventory support, which includes handling a variety of high-quality diamonds in all colours.
The successful applicants will have a mastery of spoken and written German, good working knowledge of English language, and proficiency in basic computer skills. Previous experience in the jewellery industry (as a goldsmith and/or in the office) would be an advantage.

If you enjoy working as part of a team and are an open and communicative person, an interesting and varied position awaits you!

Please send relevant applications by e-mail to:

We look forward to hearing from you!
Our next newsletter will be coming your way in autumn 2020, but until then, you can find all our previously published newsletters in our newsletter-archive.

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