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Stone of the Month 11/2023
The Cushion Cut
Cushion / 3.10 ct / VVS2 / Fancy Dark Brown / C3

GIA 2223946339
Cosy in November
The cool season has arrived. Outside it is grey and gloomy, and just about everyone feels like climbing back into bed in the morning to snuggle up in the pillows and cushions.

In keeping with the season, we have chosen to present various cushion-cut diamonds in a wide range of champagne shades. Some stones have GIA certificates, while others have certificates of origin from the Argyle Mine in Australia which has been closed for 2 years.
The cushion cut is a very popular cut for coloured diamonds.
It has the shape of a square or rectangle with rounded corners and curved sides. Its typical 58 facets are arranged in the brilliant-cut style.
On GIA certificates, the cushion cut is called "Cushion Modified Brilliant". A synonym for cushion cut in English is also "pillow cut". In German, one hears the affectionate term "Pölsterchen" from time to time, in addition to cushion cut.
Interestingly enough, Cushion cut diamonds are also sometimes known as Candlelight Diamonds because the cut was designed for the special lighting conditions of candlelight - before the invention of electric light.

Cushion Cut Diamonds from our Inventory
Cushion Cushion Cushion
Light Brown (C1) Fancy Dark Brown (C5) Fancy Light Brown (C2)
1.00 ct  /  VVS2 1.06 ct  /  VS 1.18 ct  /  VVS
5.64 x 5.47 x 3.71 mm 5.73 x 5.71 x 4.05 mm 6.18 x 5.85 x 4.11 mm
GIA 6227985799 RTARG / Origin Argyle  
Cushion Cushion Cushion
Fancy Yellow Brown (C5) Fancy Yellowish Brown (C2) Fancy Yellow Brown (C4)
1.21 ct /  VS2 4.02 ct   /  VVS1 5.02ct  /  SI1
6.36 x 5.48 x 3.87 mm 8.95 x 8.44 x 6.09 mm 9.76 x 9.25 x 6.41 mm
GIA 2221141869 GIA 6217983902 GIA 6227946335

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