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Heading into Spring, Hand in Hand
Pair 2.16 ct. / C2 / VS & VVS / H&A
In this springy month of April, we are featuring perfect pairs in all different shades of champagne. Our stock includes pairs starting with a stone size of 0.30 ct. all the way up to pairs of over 2.00 ct. per stone.

The special thing about our pairs is that they are all Hearts & Arrows cut diamonds!
Do you know what H&A refers to?


When looking at the underside of a Hearts & Arrows cut diamond with a jeweller's loupe, heart-shaped light reflections appear.


When looking at the top of a Hearts & Arrows cut diamond with a jeweller's loupe, eight arrow-shaped light reflections can be seen.

A diamond with this pattern possesses an optimal brilliant cut and symmetry, so that it achieves the best possible brilliance, and its fire can really come into its own.

In the early days, the Hearts & Arrows effect was also known as the "Cupid Effect" (from Cupid, the Roman god of love). With increased marketing efforts, registered names such as "Cupid Diamonds" or "Love Diamonds" also appeared.
If you opt for a Hearts & Arrows diamond, you can be sure that you will receive a stone with optimal proportions and exact symmetry, which of course will be reflected in the perfect pair!
From Our Collection:
0.83 ct. / C6 / VVS & VVS & / H&A
1.04 ct. / C1 / VS & VVS / H&A
4.05 ct. / C4 / VS & VS / H&A

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