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the participation in the leading trade fair for craft trades, the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich (IHM), was a great success for our company: In addition to the visit of prominent politicians such as Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and the Bavarian State Minister Ilse Aigner MetallArt was honoured with the Federal Award for outstanding innovative performances 2017.
According to the slogan „Made in Germany“ we presented our latest innovations in staircase manufacturing at the special exhibition „Land des Handwerks“: The all-glass railing with abP (General test certificate issued by the German Building Authorities) and the structurally supporting soffit lining made of steel.


Managing Partner

Johannes Schmid
Managing Partner

Simon Graf
Sales Manager

Prominent visitors at our exhibition stand

Already during the opening event MetallArt succeeded in showing its know-how as model company to approximately 850 high-ranking guests. Our managing partners Johannes Schmid and Susanne Bücher participated very confidently in the interview which focussed on internationality. Following this event, the Bavarian State Minister Ilse Aigner joined a tour to explore the exhibition site. Of course she came to the exhibition stand of MetallArt, too.

But there was not just the visit of the Bavarian State Minister. During the top-level talks with representatives of the German industry in Munich in March 2017 Chancellor Angela Merkel informed herself about the company's large portfolio. She was particularly impressed by the 3D-print of a spiralled sculptural staircase with a structurally supporting soffit lining. Using this model managing partner Johannes Schmid illustrated the special features of this innovation to the Chancellor.

Federal Award 2017 goes to MetallArt

We are particularly happy that we were honoured with the Federal Award for outstanding innovative performances in craft trades during the International Trade Fair for Craft Trades in Munich. The prize was awarded by prominent members of the central associations, the Federal Metal Association, the Bavarian Chamber of Crafts and the German Ministry for Economy and Energy.

The award-winning object is our structurally supporting soffit lining made of steel which offers enormous savings in material and weight. The three-dimensionally bent steel parts manufactured by means of an innovative method can be assembled seamlessly. Stairs featuring this design element always convince by their sculptural and homogeneous character.

Please click here if you would like to have further information on the structurally supporting soffit lining for sculptural steel stairs.

Vector administration building in Weilimdorf

Owing its curved all-glass railing these elegant steel stringer stairs in the administration building of the Vector Informatik GmbH in Weilimdorf are in line with the current architectural trend.

The glass filling of the railing was realized with so-called white glass. This is a special glazing showing a reduction in the green shade and thus emphasises the lightness of the sculptural staircase. The parapet-high stringer with its handrail made of European oak at the inner flight of the stairs contrasts perfectly with the external all-glass railing. Last but not least it is the structurally supporting soffit lining made of steel which emphasises the impressive character of this staircase construction.

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