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MetallArt is not only an expert in the field of steel stairs as seen in the sculptural stairs in the PANEUM -  the house of bread in the Austrian community of Asten. Even glass railings rank among our service portfolio. For the second time we could demonstrate our skills at a thermal spa resort. In front of the stunning Bavarian alpine panorama the MetallArt glass railings in white glass design find complete expression.
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Spiral Stairs in the PANEUM – House of bread

In the Bavarian community of Asten on the premises of „backaldrin“, producer of baking ingredients,  the house of bread - PANEUM  opened in autumn 2017. In the centre of this spectacular building the self-supporting spiral stairs were installed by MetallArt.

What is particularly striking about the stairs are their 5 flights with the reversed conical design. Thus, the flight width between the bottom and the top of the stairs varies from 1,475 mm to 2,500 mm and the amount of steel used for the inner and outer stringers increases according to the rise of the stairs, too.

Due to the structural supporting soffit lining the construction appears like a sculpture. In 2017 we were honoured with the Federal Award for outstanding innovative performances for this kind of design technology. Transparent all-glass railings on all of the three floors and the illumination along the outer handrails produce a prominent impression regarding materials and lighting conditions. By means of a notch at the stainless steel tube, featuring as handrail, the LED lighting could be realised on site. All of the handrails were designed evenly ascending.

Further information on the sculptural stairs!

Glass railings for the thermal resort Kristall trimini

The thermal spa resort Kristall trimini at Lake Kochel opened its doors in spring 2017. Diverse pools, saunas, wellness areas and restaurants give opportunities to have fun and find relaxation. Beside the variety of services and relaxing offers it is also the equipment and design of the indoor and outdoor area which is highly convincing.  

The glass railings from MetallArt allow for a free and impressive view to the beautiful Bavarian alpine panorama. The reduced iron oxyd portion is responsible for the very low visual green cast (execution of the glass railings in white glass). Of course, the current standards of DIN 18008-1 and -4 as well as the AbP MetallArt (General test certificate issued by the German authorities) had been taken into consideration. The single VSG glass panes (laminated safety glass) extend to a length of up to 2,600 mm; the height of the railing amounts to 1,100 mm, from the top edge of the floor. There was no need of painting works as the aluminium sections were already manufactured in a powder coated finish.

See for yourself and take a look!

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